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Cursor Cat

Funny custom cats chase the cursor in your Chrome browser. Your personal pet.

Cursor Cat


Cursor Cat
Cursor Cat
Cursor Cat
Cursor Cat
Cursor Cat


Cursor Cat - a kitten chasing the mouse cursor.

Transform your regular cursor into a delightful chrome pet, a cute cat that will follow your mouse across various websites.

Our collection includes a variety of funny and adorable cursor cats:

  • Tabby cursor cat: A playful animated tabby cat that engages with your cursor movements.
  • Punky cursor cat: A cat with attitude, sporting a punk-rock style to liven up your browsing.
  • Maneki cursor cat: The lucky Maneki Neko, bringing good fortune with every click.
  • Nyan cat: The iconic rainbow-trailing cat, turning your cursor into a viral internet sensation.
  • Grinch cat: A mischievously grumpy cat who may steal more than just your cursor.
  • Rudolph Cat: A festive feline with a glowing nose to guide your cursor this holiday season.
  • Santa cat: Spreading cheer and merriment, this cat delivers joy to every webpage.
  • Spider Cat: A superhero cat that swings into action with your mouse movements.
  • Bat Cat: The hero your browser deserves, keeping your cursor safe from digital dangers.
  • Hulk cat: A strong and smashing feline, ready to take on your clicking adventures.

Move your cursor around, and these animated cats will follow suit. Each cat brings its own unique flair to your browsing experience. When they catch up to the cursor, they'll settle down around it, ready for the next move.

How to use:

  • Install the 'Cursor Cat' extension; Link
  • Find its icon in the upper right corner of your browser;
  • Navigate to any website (except the Chrome Web Store or Homepage);
  • Click the extension icon;
  • Select your favorite cat by clicking on it;
  • Move your cursor and enjoy the playful pursuit!

With 'Cursor Cat,' every click is a paw closer to fun!

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