Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an exciting idle clicker game. Immerse yourself in the process of baking cookies and go from a small confectioner to an emperor of cookies.


The Cookie Clicker game is a captivating idle game that engages you in the delightful virtual baking experience. Navigate your way from a small-scale cookie maker to a grand emperor of the cookie gaming empire.

Playing the game is very simple:

  • Click on the big cookie to increase your cookie count in the game;
  • Invest your in-game cookies in strategic upgrades;
  • Select upgrades that enhance your clicking efficiency in the game;
  • Opt for idle gaming upgrades that accumulate cookies without active clicks;
  • Master the game by unlocking all available upgrades and dominate the cookie business simulation.

Strategically use in-game upgrades to boost your cookie production rapidly. The cost of these gaming upgrades scales up incrementally with each purchase.

Your gaming helpers include:

  • Power Click - a gaming boost that enhances your clicking power, yielding more cookies per click;
  • Cat - a cute companion that keeps cookie-stealing mice at bay in this idle game;
  • Grandma - a virtual baking guru, whose expertise is invaluable in this cookie clicker game;
  • Discover 6 secret upgrades that will exponentially increase your cookie production in this browser game.

Cookie Clicker Game Features:

  • Engaging idle clicker gameplay mechanics;
  • An extensive range of upgrades to enhance your gaming experience;
  • Charming and sweet visualizations of your gameplay progress;
  • Convenient browser-based gaming platform;
  • Your game progress is saved even after closing your browser, thanks to idle gaming technology;
  • Links in popups for easy navigation to the Cookie Clicker game's website,

The Cookie Clicker game offers endless idle gameplay, limited only by your device's computing power. Challenge yourself - can you bake a quadrillion cookies in this addictive clicker game?

Install, cheer up and have some fun right now!

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